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It started with a community of interest in 2016. Our goal is to become an association and movement for a new combined way of transport based on traditional railways with modular and flexible charging services.


ModularMobility attempts a free circulation of trains in a cadence of 5 or 10 minutes.

ECT (Endless Circulating Train)
We will forget the difference of diverging classes of trains like IC, fast, suburban. There will be a type of train for passengers and a type of train for transport goods. Because trains just don’t matter what kind of container they shoulder. The difference to established coupling systems is that coupling should happen in a certain speed with accelerating and breaking train wings from railway station ramps,
while the train itself would pass a short tunnel. Disconnecting happens before the tunnel and connecting happens after the tunnel where modules, containers or cars might loaded on train wings.


Founding and conception takes place in a community of interest for ModularMobility. We have our own budget for promotion and marketing purpose and want to add marketing value and patents to existing transport companies. So the five main resorts of ModularMobility are:

PR and Partnership
Architecture and Engineering
Energy and Ressources
Apps and Software


The community of interest runs without profit. The website has an important administration function and maintains the ring-functionabilty of ModularMobility where capacities of governments, federal states, national or international companies weren’t affected and separation of powers are granted.
After successful resolution, country and states will develop, adapt and execute the concept ModularMobility with help of transport funds. What means: After phase two the CI or association for a ModularMobility will move to the background. ModularMobility may be considered as a movement in countries with a high need of transport capacities for a secure and efficient transport system.
Like indicated ModularMobility is a principle, which attempts to accelerate and pace transport capacities of trains comparable to the invention of clock face scheduling. There is no monopolist or imperialist over tact. Time is money for passengers as for charges and transport companies. There are a lot of trends in telecommunication or aviation branches, but the only thing counting in flexible, modular trains is punctuality.

Meeting Point for Licensed Commerces

Container, parcels and passengers should transported by adapted national companies from terminal to terminal. The federal states will explore the terminals, give and control licenses to commercial services and delivery 12 km around the specific terminal. The most cheap possibility remains taking the bus, or an hybrid bike or car to come to the next terminal = railway station. This all would be managed and paid through telephone and internet apps with price classes after free marketing rules (on the 12 km surrounding to connect terminals with settlement districts). Main advantage of this system is that all parties could profit of this public service and everybody is able to announce for a licensing service in a certain region. All commercial and governmental competences must be regulated in a political and juridical circle of quality.

Primary goal of the coordinator of ModularMobility is to flourish local commerce in a liberalized area around the terminal and simultanously give national companies and federal states a chance to offer a well cadenced transport system.


ModularMobility involves principally railway and new terminals for combined means of transport with modular connections. In a commercial Terminal surrounding an modular train there is planned place for Car Sharing, e-cars, bikes and trikes, wheel chairs, and Segways. Much more than in development and realization ModularMobility is designed as an environment and resource saving concept for combined Mobility. This under the following conditions:


I)If accelerating and breaking of module and parcel on platform wagons were working indisputable and trains were circulating endlessly -> Animation “pace coordinated transport system on endless circulating trains ECT”
II)If modules as e-cars and e-bikes could be loaded electrically on electrical trains.

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