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Modular Mobility wants to create an alternative to the unconditional remuneration: Official semi-professional sectors all along railway lines in Switzerland. To get an official licence, an individual doesn’t need a complete formation but real existing skills and technical capacities. The outsourcing is meant as a concession, to make an individual business in liberalised, semi-professional sectors. For example, transport and public services in different quality and price categories. Natural and legal persons could demand the nation for an official licence to serve liberalised sectors or quantised rate zones. The dynamical character of this economy and of course the supply and demand will decide about the success of a single player in this system. For most licenced people occupation and the opportunity to earn money are the motivations to solve an official license. Beside this, the individuals should get connections to the professional and high-performance corridors and should be accessible to a national booking system by phone, PC, email or a task agent (ticket machine and terminal for in and outcoming parcels). In contrary to the terms “Web 3.0”, “social web” and “Share Economy” a licence should be 100% conform to taxes and duties. A semi-professional sector for transport services should be checked for good quality and satisfied users. Politicians and governmental people should have mandates for the quality management. Ecological and sustainable Solutions should be stimulated financially.
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