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Your surf experience would be free from cookies and collecting of personal data if you’re weren’t on the commercial µ-Box, part of this website. To get access to the µ-Box with download area, please send an email to To open the publications (in format pdf or zip) from the small edition dACMEd you have to purchase a licence, then you’ll get by end-to-end process a password of 8 characters. As prices as passwords may change from one download to another. What we’re interested to stock in databases is product ID, ticket ID, email contact, and selling confirmation. 2 Weeks after selling confirmation we will delete personal data like email from the database on our professional host.

Transactions on the µ-Box are working with a unique ticket ID combined with a product ID. Within payment (2 possibilities are listet below), you'll give no product information (the ticket ID is required) The pairing of impersonal information gives you access to digital dacmed publications. We will carefully treat buying informations deliverd from banks and payment institutes, but also your correspondence with and the author of publications dACMEd Damian Crottet MEdition

On you find our website with secoured SSL data transmission, which is NOT certified by a third party. The E-Mail traffic is encrypted (also by PayPal pathway with payments to In contrary to submissions to our database submission mails to doesn't contain any personal information. After your first transaction you will not receive spam or commercial emails neither from ModularMobility nor dACMEd Publications.

There are two different methods for financial transactions:
With PayPal
Online Banking or Traditional deposit
By using PayPal service, please check their legal and privacy informations. We recommend to pay with PayPal Credit. PayPal as a third party is involved in financial transactions and not in merchandising or shipping of dACMEd products. PayPal transactions are running over secured https web. By buying a licence with PayPal method, you allow PayPal to use and save your personal data in their own competence. After choosing a product, an external link leads to We receice your selling informations by a business account to and we will handle with responsibility this data. Please be aware that applicable laws of Paypal transactions differ from the 2nd method (bank or deposit transaction) and may not corresponding to our applicable law in Freiburg/Switzerland. If the transaction was failing or you haven't got your wished product you could contact Damian Crottet MEdition ( If we don't find a solution for the problem, it's your right to use the PayPal buyer protection. Before payment you have to accept this privacy statement and transmit your email contact to the database on ModularMobility's Host. Our practice is to delete your pathway for the license 2 weeks after payment confirmation. The combination of ticket and product number is stored in the long term. We use your personal data and cookies only for buying process and within forms and databases of the μ-platform, which make our website interactive. dACMEd damian crottet MEdition is not involved in commercial activities with 3. parties and thus don't feed them with your personal data, like email or IP address. As a consequence of data leaks or miss use of our sql database (on a professional web host), you can lose not more than email contact or the product number. We would disclaim juristically all spam activities to your email, if the reason and responsibility of miss use/loss of data lies in another party than or dACMEd Publications.

If the transaction was failing an you were not getting your wished product you could contact Damian Crottet MEdition (
All content of the website ModularMobility and their publications are protected by copyright and trademark. On the μ-Box you could check all teaser without liability. The download is without restriction, but you'll need a licence to activate the pdf-document. The password sequences which are required for the activation are endpoint decrypted. After buying confirmation one part of the password to type in in Thonny or in an Excel file (Downloadlink) is diffused by cloud/web and the second sequence is sent by email after buying confirmation. run python script with thonny software
You can run Thonny on Windows, macOS and Linux By reasons of security we don't transmit two password sequences in one message !

If you couldn't open the .xls file or the .py file or the functions weren't working, you could get the passwort/licence after confirmed buying process by annother pathway. Please respect that the sending of the plain password online wasn't a endpoint decryption, and we have to change immediately the password after transaction.

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